“Museum of innocence”

Tapestry | Dimention Variable | 2023
(Printed Fur, embrodey)

Childhood exerts a significant impact on the formation of an individual's logical thinking, and the experiences and thoughts we encounter during this stage of life are stored in our subconscious in a subtle and nuanced manner. By using everyday objects as a starting point, I have collected numerous childhood memories and favorite items in an attempt to uncover how Taiwanese people were commercialized and how they linked these commodities to their identities during their formative years. Employing a perspective angle, a room scene were depicted and transfered to a tapestry, inserting photos of some items that are distorted and askew, revealing how seemingly innocuous childhood products instill a sense of inferiority in people.

  ︎︎︎Original illustration printed on tapestry

︎︎︎Embodery tapestry


︎︎︎Childhood objects-
Asparagus Juice


︎︎︎Childhood Objects -
AN-GU (cake model)


︎︎︎Childhood objects-
Japanese imported shampoo


︎︎︎Childhood objects-

IKEA shopping bag



︎︎︎Childhood Objects -
Mickey Shoes


︎︎︎Childhood objects-
Volcaburuy Learning Machine


︎︎︎Childhood objects-
Japanese imported beverages

copyright Shin Yang 2023